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3 Apr

Get ready for the hottest ringtones and make your phone stand out with the most popular ringtones and sounds that are free!


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Want to have popular songs that are free on your device? Turn to our app for the top tones and choose the one you like best. In our app you will find free ringtones android, that can be set as ringtones or sms that you will adore. They are also settable as an alarm, widget or timer. All melodies can be set as notification sounds, or send by an e mail or shared on social networks.

Finding free ringtones, meaning popular ringtones may be difficult, but we made it easier for you now.
We created original music tones, sound effects for this app. Our app is the one stop destination for the best sounds, and check out our app for all that is popular, and the most popular ringtones 2013 are the click away from you! Being in a spot light has never been easier, you will shine and feel like a star with our free sounds effects for android.

Try to relax and have fun with entertaining and relaxing sounds which are part of the collection of this popular app. Techno and exotic melodies are a part of collection created for everyday fun. Many of the tones in question are romantic and sweet, and are carefully chosen as well as those funny ones that are perfect for being set as ringtones or sms sounds.

We bet that your phone will be ringing with quite original melody.

You don’t have to gather all songs and music by yourself because in this app you will find the collection that consists of free ringtones. Join us for this exciting journey and feel like a star whenever your phone starts ringing with a most popular tone and you find yourself in the center of attention. Popular ringtones are ready for free download!
Available Features:

– Set as ringtone, assign to contacts

– Set as alarm and timer sound

– Set as SMS ringtone

– Set as widget

– Share on social networks or email sounds

– App is translated to English, Srpski, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Español, Português, Русский, Polski, Svenska, 한국어, عربي, 日本語, Türkçe, ภาษาไทย, Ελληνικά, Bahasa Indonesia.

New Ringtones

1 Apr

Follow the latest trends when mobile sounds are in question with New Ringtones free app! Get the latest ringtones sounds for your Android smartphone and become popular with these cool ringtones ASAP!

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Over 40 different funny & cool ringtones and this even isn’t a PRO version, but a free one!! Cool audio effects will bring your phone to life and will make your life more meaningful! All you have to do is to download free ringtones and they will do the rest. This is a great soundboard with a lot of popular sounds such as jive turkey or jazz sounds.
Party maniacs will simply love this app since there is an enormous amount of free sound effects that will lead them into the world of partying every time their phone rings. You need more laughing during the day? Say no more, the new ringtones app is full of awesome funny sounds.

All of these sounds can be used as ringtones, or sms sounds. You can also set a specific ringtone to a specific person. If you want to wake up with a relaxing sound of rain drops, the only thing you have to do is to set it as your alarm sound and your day will start with a smile on your face.

Get these cool SFX now and follow the latest trends when ringtones are in question.

Cute Ringtones

1 Apr

Cute ringtones are a true free ringtones treat for your Android phones. Fill your days with a good beat and fun sounds and get the latest ringtones now!

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The funny sounds will make you smile while the pleasant ones will make you feel relaxed. But that is not all! For the romantic souls, there are new romantic ringtones and you can even play the ringtones to your children. Some of them remind of baby lullabies and will put them to sleep immediately. Make sure to set a special ringtone when your mom calls. Or take an extra mile and match different sounds to your best friends according to their personalities.
Need a new ringtone for your alarm sound? Cute ringtones app offers a solution for that too! Choose a free sound you like the best from the collection and set it as your alarm sound and wake up feeling relaxed or with a smile on your face due to these mp3 ringtones. So, what are you waiting for? Get the ringtones free of charge and enjoy your days filled with various cute sounds!

Cute ringtones app offers a variety of funny ringtones which you can set on your home screen using the widget button. You can’t decide which one’s your favorite? Choose one on a weekly or even daily basis to match your mood.
Do not miss this cool ringtones! Get new mobile ringtones for your phone and show them off to your friends. As you download the sounds, do not forget to check our other collections which will suit all your needs and whims.

Best Ringtones Free 2014

25 Feb

Want to be the most popular guy and have the latest ringtones available for Android phones? Best Ringtones Free 2014 offers a bevy of cool sounds and popular melodies! Download now!


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Here you can find more than 40 popular tunes all of which are cool ringtones so you won’t be able to choose your favorite one. Hip-hop or techno or even flamenco – this soundboard is enormous! Get the Best Ringtones Free App with a huge collection of carefully picked sounds and enjoy listening to the most interesting melodies when somebody is ringing you. Download mobile ringtones for Android and make your friends jealous of your latest ringtones!

Choose among various high-quality sound effects. If you lead a stressful life you can enjoy relaxing sounds like rain drops melodies or some of the best classical music or even lovely guitar sounds. For all of you, romantic hearts, there are a lot of sounds here that you will like such as beautiful tune, romantic melody or Spanish guitar. If you are a true party maniac then new ringtones such as party mix sounds are great for you.

Of course, there are plenty of funny ringtones and a lot of funny sayings sounds to make your day. Listen to these and you will be laughing all day! A cool ringtone a day, makes all worries away!!


Country Radio Stations

17 Jan

All country music lovers, get ready for non stop music, because Country music radio, our android app is waiting to be downloaded at no cost! Country radio app is designed in a way to allow listening to radio with or without the headphones, which makes it suitable both for the parties as well as for listening while traveling or other activities.
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Marry Christmas And Happy New Year!

26 Dec

We wish you all the best!

Christmas Wishes

24 Dec

Light up the fireplace! Hang up the stockings! Christmas is just around the corner! But what is that sound? Could it be? Santa is here early, bringing you free music that will get you into the Christmas Spirit in no time. Surprise your loved ones and download these free apps that include all of your favorite Christmas songs and Christmas ringtones.

Countdown to Christmas has begun! People are decorating their Christmas trees, putting up ornaments, getting warm and cozy in their homes.  Everywhere you look you can see a glittering star, a mistletoe, and sparkling dust. Now there is a way to make your phone more festive as well. These free apps include free music and free ringtones that will fill your phone with Christmas joy.

If you enjoy listening to Christmas carols, all the best Christmas hits, and all those Christmas songs that are an essential music theme of this time of the year, download Christmas radio stations and listen to internet radio of your choice playing the beloved Christmas music online. This live radio application includes over 40 radio stations that can satisfy your every whim. Let your imagination flow, because these online radio stations have a vast variety of Christmas songs online. You can listen to some of the new Christmas songs, Christmas songs for kids or even country Christmas songs. Listen to free music online and imagine yourself dashing through the snow or walking in the winter wonderland.

Hang on to your hats, because Santa has brought more gifts! Christmas songs and music application offers you over 40 free ringtones for android. If you are a Christmas enthusiast you know that your phone needs its share of Christmas spirit as well, so don’t wait any longer and download these free ringtones right now! In addition to these amazing free ringtones, this application is rich with different icons depicting some of those precious Christmas scenes, loved both by children and adults.

Christmas time is a time for sharing and spreading good cheer, a time of caring and giving. That is why Santa has brought you another gift – a gift of free sharing. These free apps can be a perfect Christmas gift that you can give to your friends or family members. Include these free apps in your Christmas e-cards and present your beloved with Christmas online songs and brilliant Christmas ringtones.

Since this time of the year is dedicated to family, bonding, and celebration we wanted to be part of your Christmas festivities by giving you these android apps for free!

We hope that this Christmas you are surrounded with love, happiness, good cheer and music! Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

 Wizards Time LLC

Hip Hop Radio Stations

6 Dec

Hip Hop fans, get ready for the hardcore, because we bring you, drum roll please…Hip Hop radio app for your android, free music 24\7!  Hip Hop radio stations app allows listening to radio with or without the headphones, that is why this app is suitable both for the parties as well as other activities.
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Sports Radio Stations

6 Dec

How about having sports and news in your device? Do you want a radio handy to keep up to date with the latest results? Check Sports Radio Stations Android App. Sports Radio Stations app can be listened to with or without the headphones, you can listen to radio whatever you do.


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Christmas Radio Stations

5 Dec

Prepare for celebrating Christmas with live radio featuring Christmas music and songs 24\7! Get into the mood for Xmas and download free our Christmas Radio Stations app NOW! You can listen to Christmas music radio app with or without the headphones, which allows you to take and listen to music anywhere you happen to be.


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