Best Ringtone Apps for Android

12 Apr

To be honest, what is an Android without ringtone apps? Android phones are everywhere and it might be a great thing to make your phone different from the others. On the other hand, ringtone apps are many, more and more every day, and is getting harder to create apps that will stand out. Ringtones are very popular among Android users and for a reason, of course, so the question is: Do you want to find some of the best ringtone app for your Android? Of course you do. In this article you will find the reviews of 8 Android ringtone apps available on the App Market. All apps that will be listed, have many downloads and are among the most popular music apps on Google Play Store Market. They are worth downloading, free of charge and easy to use. Enough reasons to give them a try. So, without further ado, let us start.

1. Most Popular Ringtones App

Most Popular Ringtones

This app is the collection of ringtones of famous and popular songs. Make your phone stand out with the most popular ringtones, best popular ringtones that are totally free.

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2. Animal sounds app

Animal Sounds

Animal ringtones are catchy and are one of the categories that never fail to attract attention. It is cool app suitable both for kids and adults. Also, animal sounds app is carefully designed to be educational, so use animal sounds for kids to teach your children different animal sounds. Educational apps for kids are a perfect choice if you want your children to learn things through beautiful animated pictures and sounds.

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3. Relaxing soundsRelaxing sounds

Relaxing Sounds

Do you need a getaway from day-to-day stresses and want something relaxing? Those who want to relax and enjoy may find this app very useful to have at hand. Also, for sleeping better, sleep sounds may be helpful. Set a sleep timer and listen to relaxing music as long as you think is necessary.

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4. Romantic Ringtones

Romantic Ringtones

Do you feel it`s time for some romance? If you do, Romantic Ringtones are perfect solution, so download Romantic Ringtones Free NOW!
If you are planning an intimate and romantic celebration, you should have the best romantic songs to make things perfect. Consult our app if you need romantic songs to add to your romantic song playlist. Check our Android app and find romantic music that will spice up every moment when with your significant other.


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3 Responses to “Best Ringtone Apps for Android”

  1. JudoApp May 13, 2013 at 7:01 am #

    thanks for suggestions. Ill try all these apps

  2. Zosia Jandura-Cessna October 11, 2013 at 9:45 pm #

    FREE FUNNY APP Every time you plug your phone into charge it makes a funny voice/sound to ensure you its charging. Check it out and download it free on Google play! Funny charger voice- ChaRgeMe

  3. Syamimah February 20, 2014 at 4:21 am #

    you can also try Mobile9 for FREE ringtones for android!

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